Intel Launches Cheap Quad-Core Chip
"Intel quietly launched a cheaper version of is Core 2 Quad processor over the Labor Day holiday, complementing it with a high-end dual-core Celeron.

The Q8200 is a 2.33-GHz quad-core chip with just 4 Mbytes of level-2 cache, the smallest L2 cache size Intel offers in its Core 2 Quad family. The chip is listed as $224 in 1,000-unit lots, making it the second cheapest Core 2 Quad processor Intel supplies.

The smaller cache size is likely to have a negative impact on performance, as cache memory is used to store frequently-accessed instructions. All of the Core 2 Quad chips contain either 6, 8, or12 Mbytes of level-2 cache. Neither Intel nor any independent testing organizations appear to have evaluated it using performance benchmarks.

Intel also released the Intel Celeron 450, a 2.2-GHz dual-core chip listed on Intel's price list as a "Celeron D," a name Intel once discarded. The Intel Celeron 450 is priced at $53 in 1,000-unit lots, making it the most expensive dual-core Celeron Intel sells.

The prices became effective on August 31."
Reported by PCMag.
Tuesday 2008-09-02 06:38 pm by GideonX

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