Google's new browser, Chrome
Better than Firefox?
"In response to the news that Google (GOOG) is releasing its own browser, code-named Chrome, I decide to call John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, the folks behind the fast-growing Firefox browser. My intention was to find out what Lilly thought about this development, especially since Mozilla has been viewed as a close personal partner of Google's.

The open-source browser maker depends heavily on a lucrative financial deal it has signed with the search company. The pair recently renewed the deal to last through 2011. Was Lilly worried about yet another browser in the market?

After all, the emergence of Linux has had an equally deflationary impact on the UNIX market. Can a Google browser, promoted on Google homepage and pushed through Google's mobile OS, become a sticky wicket for Mozilla Firefox?"
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Tuesday 2008-09-02 06:36 pm by GideonX

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