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-- Pics, rants and raves!

   Here are the switches I purchased. For some odd reason, the Radio Shack near me doesn't like to stock items on the shelf. They have 2 of every item, never more. WTF? Anyway, this forced me to purchase two different kinds of SPDT switches:

Oh well!

   Connecting the wires to the switches is similiar to what I did in the fan bus guide, just solder the wire to the prongs, then cover it up with some heat shrink:


   When I said to read the fan bus guide I was serious! Here is what I am talking about, the wire connectors. Use them to bundle together the 12volts wires coming from the molex connector:

Stick those bastards in!

   Here is the almost finished item. The wire connector has wires coming in from the left which is the molex connector from the PS. Coming out of the right side is the wires that go to the SPDT 12V prong. The green wire is the wire for the 5Vs from the PS. The SPDT switch will toggle between these two when moved. All the switches are off the picture to the right, where that large mess of wires are going... :

Kinda messy

   After sticking in all the wires into the box (this box is awesome!), this is what you should get:

Compact, finally!

   Since I decided that I wanted to put this into a plastic panel so I can occupy one of my 5 1/4 bays, I took a spare one that was lying around and drilled some holes in it. Then screwed the switches in and you got yourself a bay switching monster!:


-- Next: Conclusions!

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