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-- Zalman Heatsink Round Up
-- 7.31.2001
-- By: winterstick
-- Page: 1 2 3 4 5

   Zalman Tech is the worlds first company to produce functional heatsinks and computer equipment at a noise level of 20 dB or lower. While other companies have gone with bigger and louder HSF. Zalman took a different approach to the problem, instead of mounting a relatively small heatsink to a very loud and high CFM fan, Zalman worked on ways to triple the surface area of other heatsinks, which allows for excellent cooling and a low noise environment. Today we will be looking at three of the Zalman coolers, the CNPS2005, CNPS3100, and the CNPS5000.

   The CNPS2005 and CNPS3100 are a unique flower design. This design allowed Zalman to triple the amount of surface area allowing the flowers too cool that 1.5 GHz monster without having a loud 7K delta on it. The flower uses an interesting fan mounting design. Because you can't mount a fan directly on to the flowers, you have to use a fan that is mounted on a bracket, which in turn mounts onto your case to blow air on top of the flower, which could be a problem for people with inverted power supplies that sit over the CPU. This mounting design takes away any of the noise associated with a normal heatsink and fan combo because the fan isn't touching the heatsink causing vibrations that make other HSF combos so loud.

   The CNPS5000 takes a more traditional approach to cooling. This time Zalman has mounted the fan on top of the heatsink instead of on a bracket. Another nice feature about this heatsink is that is uses the AMD/Intel mount through the motherboard specifications. This is a very welcome feature because you no longer have to struggle with clips, and risk crushing your core or having a screwdriver slip and leave a nice gouge in your motherboard. The CNPS5000 is a very heavy unit and if you look closely at the bottom you can see were the copper has been rounded to for the flower type shape. I was kind of worried at first because it looked like the separations in the copper caused by the rounding process appear to extend into where the core of the CPU would be.

   All of the heatsinks come with the Zalman's "noiseless connecter" which is basically a big resistor that is use to supply less voltage to fan so it spins slower and thus producing less noise. But I personally don't know why you would need it. These fans are already quiet; I didn't know they needed to be silenced.

   Cooler Specs:

Specs CNPS2005 CNPS3100 CNPS5000
Dimensions 95~110 mm x 52 mm x 65 mm 95~110 mm x 52 mm x 65 mm 91 mm x 66 mm x70 mm
Fin Length 65mm 65mm 18mm
Wing Height N/A N/A 42mm
Number of Wings 53~60 40~45 56~62 sheets
Wing Thickness 0.3 mm 0.3 mm 0.3 mm
Heat Dissipating Material Aluminum Copper Copper
Weight 119 g 238 g 430g
Heat Dissipating Area 2800cm2 2300cm2 Heat Dissipating Area: 960~1060 cm2
Thermal Resistance 0.42deg C/W (5V Silent Mode), 0.40deg C/W (12V Normal Mode) 0.37deg C/W (5V Silent Mode), 0.30deg C/W (12V Normal Mode) Thermal Resistance
0.30deg C/W (5V Silent Mode)
0.25deg C/W (12V Normal Mode)

   Fan Specs:

Specs CNPS2005 & CNPS3100 Fan CNPS5000 Fan
Dimensions 80 x 80 x 25 mm 60 x 60 x 25mm
Bearing Type Ball Ball
RPM Normal Mode 3000RPM(+- 8%) Normal Mode 4500RPM(+-8%)
Silent Mode 1700RPM(+- 8%) Silent Mode 2700RPM(+-8%)
Noise Normal Mode 34.4dB(+-10%) Normal Mode 34dB(+-10%)
Silent Mode 20dB(+-10%) Silent Mode 20dB(+-10%)

   Next up, the Zalman CNPS2005!

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