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-- Conclusions
-- Page: 1 2 3 4

   As usual, we get our test rig for testing.  We shoved the following in the Schema case:

  • IWill KK266 Motherboard
  • AMD Athlon 1.4 @ 1.5
  • Crucial PC133 256MB CL2
  • eVGA GF2MX 32MB

   So my picture taking skills in the dark are a bit lacking, but you get the jist of it.

   The pictures are a bit darker than I wished, but I wanted to see just how bright the CCFL could shine.  The LED bay bus worked nicely, even with the CCFL plugged into it.  I didn't wire up the front bezel LED at the time of the shot, so that's off in the picture.

   Let's get some temperatures of our test rig.  These were obtained using the temperature probe from Radio Shack and our trusty CompuNurse temp probe.  CPU full load is just running RC5 for about 45 minutes, a few 3dMark 2001 benches and some rounds of Counter Strike:


AMD Tbird 1.4 Stock

AMD Tbird 1.4 @ 1.5 (1.80V)

Room Temp. ~ 27C Case CPU Idle CPU Full Case CPU Idle CPU Full
Chili Silver ATX Prof. 40C 45.5C 47C 43C 47.4C 49.1C
Lian Li PC60 36C 43C 45.2C 39.1C 45.5C 46.8C
CoolerMaster ATC201 35.4C 42.8C 44.5C 37C 45C 46.4C
Enermax Blue CS688 37.8C 44C 46.1C 38.5C 46.7C 47.7C
Skyhawk ALP4388 37.3C 42C 44C 39.2C 44.5C 46.1C
Enlight 7237 Steel 38.3C 45.1C 46.6C 42.3C 47.5C 49.3C
Lian Li PC35 38.1C 44.3C 46.2C 41.5C 47.1C 48.6C
GlobalWin YCC-8870 37.5C 42.4C 44.1C 40C 45C 46.6C
Wahoo Computers Schema 34.6C 42.1C 44C 36C 44.4C 46C

   The temperatures definitely drop a bit with these modifications.  Its pretty obvious, throw more fans that move more air into the case is usually a good thing.  The added bonus is the way the case is constructed.  With the blowholes to the addition of the handle, this makes for one kick ass portable rig.  

   Oh, one more thing.  They've also got one of the nicer looking case badges.  The brushed aluminum fish design is quite unique.  It isn't exactly a major thing, but something to see.

   One downside is the price.  I know a lot of people will be complaining left and right about cash you need to fork over for this piece of work.  Keep in mind, this is a custom case, which means that someone is taking your order and personally working on it to fit your needs.  So if you got the cheese and no tools, this is next best thing.  Why not get a case from a professional?  I sure would.

   Thanks to the fine folks at Wahoo Computers for sending us this sample.  Before you go off and start hammering us, keep in mind this is a unit made for us.  So your order may be a bit different depending on what you want.  Just thought I'd throw that one out .

  • Great worksmanship on the cutting
  • Blowhole/Fan construction is superb
  • Panaflos!
  • Easy to detach fans
  • Custom fitted window design


  • Stock fans still used for front and rear of case (no biggie...)
  • CCFL is hooked to baybus, not the cleanest way to wire it up.

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