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-- Vantec EZ-Swap Removeable Hard Drive Rack
-- Price: $39.00 USD
-- 12.30.2003
-- By: merlinicorpus
-- Page: 1 2 3 4 5 

The front of the EZ-Swap is fairly plain looking, which is a good thing. The last thing I want for my 5.25" devices are for them to stick out like a sore thumb.

Of course there is the little Vantec logo. Normally, it annoys me to no end when companies put their logo on the front of their products, but in this case its only slightly annoying. One thing I really dislike about the front panel is the lack of any text labels on or around the buttons. I also had trouble figuring out why the buttons are blue. If the screen was back lit green, it would probably make sense that the buttons would be green too, right? Just one of many inexplicable design choices.

You can see how the hole for the key rests behind the silver tab. I don't really mind that the device uses a key to open it, but I would really appreciate a way to store the key within the device itself. I tend to loose keys like this, and without my key I won't be able to get at my hard drive. Vantec apparently thinks that people are buying these as a security device, when in fact, all I want to do is swap hard drives without jumping through hoops.

You can see how the device has three settings on the key. They are on/locked, off/locked, and off/unlocked. The first setting is when the drive is running normally and you cannot remove it. The second setting turns the drive off, but will not allow you to remove it. Switching the key to the third position turns off and unlocks the drive so you can remove it.

Unlike the Vortex, the EZ-Swap relies on a conventional fan that is rather weak by today's standards. It does not even a terribly high flow or high quality fan. The only thing really good about it is the fact that it is quiet. In fact, it is so quiet, that I wouldn't believe it was running if it wasn't for the speed monitoring telling me otherwise.

Other than the fan, the back panel looks just like any other CD/DVD drive that you have probably installed a thousand times. Notice however that it has no jumpers. The jumpers are adjusted by switches on the inside of the device.

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