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-- Installation and Conclusions
-- Page: 1 2

   We'll be testing out the cooler on the standard SDram module, namely the Crucial PC133 CL2 ram.  This cooler also fits on DDR ram if you use that instead.  We chose SDram since it has fully matured and is in most systems nowadays.

   Installation is pretty simple, place the thermal tape on each side of your ram module first.  Slap the two heat spreaders on the ram, then grab the two clips and snap it on each side.  Cooler setup completed.  

   In the picture above, the fan is shown to sit above all the ram modules on your motherboard.  In addition to cooling the ram with the heat spreaders, it also blows out the hot air in between your other ram modules.  The heat spreaders are made of aluminum, so if you need to do a little bending to avoid certain items on your board, it shouldn't be too hard.  Luckily the fan cleared everything so no bending was required.

   To test the ability of the cooler to lower temperatures for our ram, I ran RC5 full blast on our test rig for about an hour.  I ran it at stock speeds that it was rated for (5-2-2) on our test rig, which was also changed to stock speeds (TBird 800Mhz).  Here are the temperature results:


AMD Tbird 800 Stock

Ambient Temp. ~ 27C Full Load
With TT Ram Cooler 37.5C
Without TT Ram Cooler 41.8C

   These temperatures were taken with our CompuNurse Temperature Probe, position right in the middle of our ram modules chip.  With the results shown above, it is a fact that this cooler does indeed cool the ram down by about 4-5C.  Not too shabby.

   Our next tests will check to see if this actually does anything for us in the overclocking department.  Our 800mhz chip that we beat day in and day out in our test rig does a decent (please note I said decent) overclock to 1003mhz.  After rebooting the system after the initial temperature test, I went into the BIOS to do some overclocking above the 1003mhz mark.  Most times, this would end up in a BSOD or some other system crash.  So I tried changing the front side bus a Mhz higher to see if anything has changed.  Saved the setting and proceeded to boot up again.

   Upon boot up, everything posted so that was a good thing.  Next was to see if Windows 98SE would tolerate it.  Splash screen showed up, everything was ok so far.  I actually got onto the desktop...and then BAM, BSOD. Oh well, it did get me a bit farther at a higher speed, but it still crashed so it didn't 'really' helped me.

   Overall, I actually do recommend the unit.  Lowering temperatures on any component is a good thing, it will help in prolonging its life.  It is also cheap, you can pick it up for less than $15.  This is the perfect gift for the cooling crazy.  You know who you are, the "if I could cool my thumbscrews, I would" kind of overclocker.  If you are getting this thinking you're going to be able to overclock even more, you may be disappointed.  I am recommending this setup for the sole purpose of lowering temperatures, as what was stated in the purpose of this product, nothing else.

   Thanks to Thermal Take for once again sending us a very affordable yet usable cooling product.

  • Cools your ram a few degrees
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable


  • Only two thermal strips. If you plan on reusing this cooler on another ram module, better stock up on some strips
  • Not too compatible with modules with only ram chips on one side

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