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-- Thermal Take Active Memory Cooler
-- Price: ~ $15.00 USD
-- 12.05.2001
-- By: GideonX
-- Page: 1 2

   Often times, the last component of your system to be cooled is the memory (ram).  We have coolers for the CPU, Hard Drive, Case, etc. but not too many coolers for ram modules.  There's a reason for that, temperature on ram modules often do not affect its stability.  As far as I know, when memory fails at high speeds, its due mostly to its inability to refresh the ram fast enough.  Pumping more voltage into it often helps and yes, you can attribute heat to the actually speed in that case.  The faster it performs, the more heat is being generated.  We'll see if cooling our ram really does do anything, or if its just a marketing ploy to sell more cooling devices to the cooling crazies.

   A while ago, Thermal Take came out with the first major memory cooling kit.  It included some heat spreaders to attach to your ram to dissipate the heat.  Their second model came out not too long ago, but this time with a 40X40mm fan attached to do some of the cooling work.

   You receive two heat spreaders, one attached with the 40X40mm fan and another to sandwich your ram with.  Two long strips of thermal tape and two (2) clips to secure the whole contraption.

   The fan is rated at 5000+/-10% RPM pumping out 5.1CFMs.  The noise level is not too high, coming in at 23dB.  The fan utilizes a 3pin power connector, but a 4pin adapter is included in case you don't have any 3pin connectors available on your motherboard.  It also comes with a fan grill to protect your fingers, nice touch.

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