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-- Initial Testing
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   Our test were conducted using Nero Tools.  This includes CD Speed, DVD Speed, CD DAE and Nero Burning Rom itself.   We also compared it to the Samsung combo drive of the same speeds that we reviewed previously.

   As compared with the Samsung drive, this drive supports all formats expect DVD+R and DVD+RW.  You may also notice this drive only offers a 2MB buffer size, small in comparison to the 8MB on the Samsung unit.

Click to Enlarge

   We're not exactly sure why the drive benched so poorly in read speeds.  We triple checked all settings, made sure DMA was enabled, even reinstalled our IDE drivers.  The seek times were rather high, although CPU usage was not at all high.  Compared to the Samsung's 27.12x average, the Toshiba's 15.73x is a bit behind.

   The next test was to use DVD Speed benchmark program, but unfortunately it caused an error on every DVD disc we tried.  It did however play DVD discs without a problem, may just be a software issue.

   Our next test uses the CD DAE program, which calculates digital audio extraction times of the drive.  A 17 track test audio CD was used, same one as the Samsung review.

   At an average rate of 15.7x, it finished the extraction at a little over 9 minutes.  Similar to the CD Speed test, the read speeds are a bit low.  The same spec'd Samsung came in at 26X with a 5:30 finish time.

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