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-- Thermal Integration TI-V86N Cooler
-- 11.29.2001
-- By: GideonX
-- Page: 1

   Since our last test of Thermal Integrations TI-V77 unit, they have since come out with another heatsink.  Their newest model, the TI-V86N is designed about the same as the TI-V77 unit.  They both have the same kind of "Radi-Gear" fin design.

   Here are some specs on the unit:

  • Size: 83.869.861.8 mm
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Fan: 6800 RPM, 45 dBA, 36 CFM
  • Material: Aluminum with Copper Core
  • CPUs Supported: Athlon/XP up to 1.7ghz+, P3 up to 1.13Ghz+

   The unit is a bit smaller and thinner than its older brother.  You still get the lever and fin design along with a fan grill.  They have opted to use a more standard 60mm fan for this unit.  The older unit had a 70mm fan which made upgrading a little harder for some people.

   The design of the unit has the familiar lever or 'E-System Attachment' mechanism.  This makes applying and removing the cooler very easy.  Absolutely no tools are needed, one of the best things I've seen thus far.

   The copper core is still here partnered with the aluminum portion of the heatsink.  If you look back at our previous review of the TIV77, you find out that we had a slight problem with the core also.  It did not completely cover the top of our CPU completely.  From this picture, it still doesn't! Although not as off centered as the previous application, they should really take a look at this issue.

   Our trusty old test rig is as follows:

  • IWill KK266 Socket A Motherboard

  • AMD Thunderbird 800Mhz CPU

  • Crucial PC133 CL2 Ram, 128MB

   The test will consist of an idle temperature check and a full load temperature check.  The full load will be accomplished by using the RC5 program and running 3DMark 2001 for 30 minutes.  Arctic Silver II Thermal Paste used without a doubt.

   Here are some results:


AMD Tbird 800 Stock

AMD Tbird 800 @ 1003 (1.85V)

Ambient Temp. ~ 27C Idle Full Load Idle Full Load
ThermalRight SK-6 31C 34C 36C 40C
GlobalWin CAK38 34C 37C 38C 42C
ThermalTake Dragon Orb 3 35C 37C 38C 43C
Vantec CCK-6035D 32.5C 35.5C 36C 42C
Swiftech MCX370-0A 31.3C 33.7C 34.3C 38.5C
SVC Golden Gate 40 33.5C 36C 39.5C 43.5C
Thermal Take Volcano 5 35.9C 37.5C 39C 43.8C
Thermal Take Volcano 6Cu 35.6C 37.4C 38.6C 43.3C
Thermal Take Volcano 6Cu+ 35.2C 37C 38.2C 43C
Bits Power NP60D 31.3C 35.2C 36.7C 42.4C
Bits Power NP80D 31C 34.8C 36.5C 42.4C
 Dynatron DC1206BM0 31C 33.5C 37.2C 40.6C
Vantec CCk-6027D 31.8C 34.9C 35.7C 41.5C
Alpha PAL8045 31.5C 32.8C 34.8C 38.1C
Dynatron DC1206BML 35.8C 38.4C 40C 44.2C
Dr. Thermal TI-V77L 35.9C 39C 40.4C 44.5C
Dr. Thermal TI-V77N 34.7C 37.2C 39.5C 42.7C
Dr. Thermal TI-V86N 33.4C 36.5C 38.8C 42.2C

   The numbers on this unit was actually a bit better than what I had imagined.  They are a bit lower than our previous test using a 70X70X25mm fan on the older TIV77.  The unit is a little smaller, but uses quite a powerful 60mm fan.  Although it is powerful, it does have a drawback, noise.  It's got a high pitch whine coming from it, not something you want when you're trying to get some peace and quiet.

   The best selling point on TI's unit is the E-System Attachment.  One of the easiest installs you can get.  No more fumbling with tools and small screw drivers to get it to clamp down.  The cooler itself does a decent job in cooling.  The position of the copper core should definitely be taking into consideration, as it is still off centered.

   Thanks to Thermal Integration for sending us this test unit to play with. Check out the rest of their products with their custom designs.

  • Great clip design
  • Copper core
  • Does a better job than the previous model in the cooling department


  • Loud 60mm fan
  • The core is still a bit off the mark

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