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-- Samsung SW232 32X10X40 CDRW
-- Price: ~ $75.00 USD
-- 07.09.2002
-- By: GideonX
-- Page: 1 2

   We have been following Samsung products here at GT for the past 2-3 years.  They have continually improved their line of computer products.  One of their more popular items is the CD-ReWriter line.  What makes them so great is not only do they incorporate great features, but the price is remarkably low.  And if you've follow us here, we love low prices on everthing.

   Today we have their newest 32X10X40 CDRW on the block, the Samsung SW232.  It boasts a 32X write, 10X Re-write and 40X read for some blazing speeds.  Also included is a hefty 8MB of buffer memory.

   The previous 16X and 24X models yielded some incredible marks, getting our 'Preferred' rating back to back.  Let's take a look at what you get inside the box:

   There is the manual, EZ CD Creator CDROM, 1 CDR, 1 CDRW, IDE Cable, audio cable, screws and the drive itself.

   The design of the drive is about identical as the previous models.  A large eject button sits next to the LED that displays activity.  The audio control and headphone jack are to the left of the drive.  Here are some specs from the Samsung website:

Data Transfer Rate: Record: 32X (4,800 KB/sec)
Rewrite: 10X (1,500 KB/sec)
Read: 40X (6,000KB/sec)

Burst Transfer Rate: PIO Mode 4 (16.6 MB/sec)
DMA Mode 2 (16.6 MB/sec)

Recording Capacity: CD-RW Disc 700/650MB (type 80/74)
CD-R disc 800/700/650/550MB (Type 90/80/74/63)

Interface: EIDE/ATAPI

Buffer Memory: 8MB

Flash Memory: 512KB

Drive Mounting: Horizontal/Vertical

Supported Disc: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM/XA ,CD-ROM
Video-CD, CD-I, Photo CD ,CD-Extra, CD-TEXT

Audio: S/N Ratio >75dB
Channel Separation >65dB

Writing Method: DAO(Disc At Once), TAO(Track At Once)
SAO(Session At Once), Multisession, Packet Writing
(Variable, Fixed Packet)

Physical : Dimensions (WxHxD mm) : 148.2 x 42 x 184

Weight: 0.77

   Like the previous models, the SW232 uses Super Link  technology.  This is similar to the commonly known Burn Proof technology on the market now for other optical drives.  When Super Link is used, it monitors the buffers and slows/stops burning when incoming data buffer is empty.  It then resumes when the data catches up later on.  This helps in preventing burning 'coasters'.

   Another technology used on this model is the use of Zone CLV.  This lets the drive burn at different speeds in three different zones on the disc.  The first zone starts at about 2mins and let's the drive burn at 24X, about 12mins later it speeds up to 28x and finally it finishes off at 32X.  The use of Super Link helps prevent bad burns during this time period.

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