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-- A Closer Look
-- 10.13.2002
-- By: brutal
-- Page: 1 2 3

    First off, let's take a look at the newest inverter box from Sunbeam. It holds a standard dual inverter and has ports on the sides to allow easy access to the CCFL or power ports. The first image is the blue inverter box, followed by shots of the the power connector end and the CCFL end. I used the included toggle switch to support the inverter for the pictures.

    The wiring harness is composed of three sections: the switch connectors (female disconnects), the power y-splitter, and the connection to the inverter. The wire lengths are equal and approximately 18 inches long; this includes the wires from the y-splitter to the toggle, the toggle to the inverter connector, and the inverter connector to the y-splitter.

    Sunbeam uses a white striped, clear acrylic tube with cubic ends and extra long wires so that both wires come out of one end of the CCFL. The sides of the cubes are approximately 15mm with the total length of the CCFL at 12.5 inches.

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