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-- Samsung SP1614N 160 Gig 8MB Cache
-- 01.02.2004
-- Price: $130.00
-- By: brutal
-- Page: 1 2 3 4 5

This is a Samsung Hard Drive review so I decided the best way to finish it up is to show what the Samsung can do on an ATA-100 system. I ran the same benchtests as before but on a different system. Note: ATA100 has the potential to transfer approximately 50% MB/s than ATA66.

The important numbers for Winbench99 are the business disk scores and the high end disk scores. On the ATA66 system the business disk score was 4330 and the high end score was 7810. You can see that the Samsung drive really likes the bandwidth of ATA100 with a business disk score of 9370, a 216% increase and the high end disk score is now 29300, an increase of 375%. A fast drive getting really fast with enough room to run.

Here is the HD Tach results running on ATA100. With the additional bandwidth should bring lower access times and higher MB/s. The Random Access Time on ATA66 was 13.7mm and is now 9mm, a 65% reduction. The Read Burst Speed was 57 MB/S and is now 84.9 MB/s, an increase of 149%.

As before, I will use a table to demostrate the results of SiSoft's Sandra comparing the ATA66 results versus the ATA100 results.

  ATA100 ATA66 Difference
Buffered Read 79 MB/s 58 MB/s +21 MB/s
Sequential Read 57 MB/s 49 MB/s +8 MB/s
Random Read 7 MB/s 8 MB/s +1 MB/s
Buffered Write 73 MB/s 58 MB/s +15 MB/s
Sequential Write 55 MB/s 50 MB/s +5 MB/s
Random Write 11 MB/s 12 MB/s -1 MB/s
Average Access Time 8 MB/s 7 MB/s -1 MB/s

You can see the advantages of ATA100 (up to 136% increase over ATA66) and a Hard Drive meant to run on it.

In conclusion, I am awed to say the least. I have bought nothing but Western Digital for years because of their speed, dependability and price. The reason I am awed is, Samsung has brought a HD to the market that is at the same price point as WD Second Edition, is quieter, and is better performing. For most of us, we want raw performance, because when it comes down to it, no one wants to wait for files to load, regardless of how loud a drive is. Now we have a drive available to everyone, that has higher raw performance AND is very quiet (I had to touch the drive to see if it was reading / writing).

Typically, when we are provided with products to review there are flaws or at least minor annoyances and I did find a few annoyances with this drive, such as the drive had to be on Cable Select before either system would detect it and it has these little rubber isolation feet on the bottom (You can see them in the picture on the first page) that make it hard to slide the drive into a cage that is tight. Yes, I realize I am being picky but there is not much I can really complain about with this drive.

I would like to thank Samsung for providing their SpinPoint SP1614N Drives for review.


  • High MB/s thoroughput
  • Low Vibration, Low Noise
  • 8 Megabyte Cache


  • Cable select quirkiness
  • Weird rubber feet

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