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-- Installation and Results
-- Page: 1 2

   These machine rounded cables are a little stiffer than the traditional flat and hand rounded variety.  The plastic covering is most likely the culprit here.  They are still bendable though, so there should not be any problems in regards to maneuvering it within your case.  Just give yourself some room to work with before you put everything in.

   I first stuck the 50-Pin SCSI in the adapter.  I have this connected to a Ricoh 6X4X24 CD-RW.

   Here's a shot of it connected to the floppy and the other drives.  The floppy was long enough for my full tower, which had the floppy drive situated up near the top.  The tower stands at about 2.5 feet.

   For our test, we will be using:

  • Antec KS188 Full Tower

  • 3 Fans (120mm in front, 2 80 in the back)

  • Asus P3V4X Motherboard

  • Intel P3 700 @ 1022 mhz

  • Windows 2000 Professional SP2

   We turned down all our fans and left only 3 on.  The front intake and the rear exhaust are the only ones that will be on, this hopefully will create enough air flow to run our tests.  Room temperature stayed a constant 27C throughout.

   Before we installed these cables the temperature, data transfer speed and CD-Writing speed were all recorded with the flat and hand rounded cables.  The results of these prior tests will be compared to the set of machine rounded cables to show any differences.

   The data transfer consisted of moving a CD image of Windows 98SE from our primary master drive (C:\ - WD 27GB ata/66) to a secondary master drive (E:\ - Seagate Barracuda 30GB ata/66).  The image is a bin file, 719mb, created using CDR-Win.  The transfer was tested 3 times and an average time to move the file from one drive to another was recorded.

   The Windows 98SE image was also burned using all three types of cables and an average time was taken from 3 tries.  I used Kingston 8X certified CD-Rs, all burning the same image we were transferring back and forth from our C: and E: drives.

Test Cables

Case Temp.

MBoard Temp.

Data X-Fer CD Burn
Flat Cables 29C 31C 43secs 13mins
Hand Rounded 28.6C 31C 44secs 13mins
Machine Rounded 28.5C 31C 44secs 13mins

   After 9 CDrs, half a morning moving this 719mb file back and forth, and installing our burnt image of Windows 98SE on a secondary machine, I have concluded that the machine rounded cables do not degrade data.  Neither does the flat or hand rounded variety.  I took one of the burnt copies of Windows 98SE and installed it on our secondary rig, nothing went wrong and all went well.  There was a slight 1 sec decrease in transfer speed when moving that image across to our secondary drive, but that may be so miniscule to even be considered a problem.  Please be advised, the hand rounded version did not expose any wire, all were done with a hobby knife and wrapped with electrical tape.

   I'll be keeping these cables in our boxes because they look sweet and do lower the temperatures somewhat.  Not exactly the smashing temperature performance that I would like, but any kind of temperature drop is a good one.

   Thanks to SideWinder Computers and HighSpeed PC for participating in our little test.  Give them a visit, they have all these cables in stock and all waiting for a box to go into.

  • Rounded and Pretty
  • Lowers Temps Very Slightly
  • No Data Degradation


  • May be expensive for a select few
  • Plastic casing feels greasy!

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