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-- Cutting it up
-- Page: 1 2

    The back of the package indicates to use a straight edge, so I'm using a $0.99 metal ruler that I use for modding.

   I used a leather glove on the hand that was holding the ruler down in case of a slip. As I said earlier it is very sharp. Then I started to score the plexiglas. The piece of plexi that I am using has a really badly broken edge, that I thought I would clean up, so I started to score the piece. The first few times I scored the plexi, I wasn't getting a good bite on the plexi, so I changed styles and went about 27 times until it would snap off. I'm sure most of those cuts are part of the learning curve, because the last 6 cuts brought up a lot of plastic strings.

   Well based on that picture and myself looking at the edge closely, it does make a clean cut, which is what I have been after without having a shop cut it for me.  Well time for the big question, does this knife cut circles? The answer is yes. Using a 3 inch Rustoleum can that I had laying around, I traced the outline with the tip of the knife to score the plexiglas.

   After I started a round score I tried cutting it with the knife flat and that doesn't work. I think it would take a while to cut the circle out since you would have to go all the way through the plexiglas.

    In conclusion, I think this is a very handy tool that all modders should have in their tool case and at $1.99 USD, there isn't a reason not to have one. Cutting a straight line takes time, but the end result is very nice. Cutting a circle or a curve is more difficult and requires a lot of patience and paying close attention to the groove that your making.

  • Price $1.99, that's hard to beat
  • Very Sturdy
  • Easy to use


  • Scoring plexiglas can take a while

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