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-- Finishing Touches

   In the next step you install the rubber gasket in the metal side with the narrow groove in the gasket against the metal, and the rounded side of the molding on the outside of the metal side. Place the ends on the bottom of metal side so the joint will be on the bottom. I recommend you do not cut the molding if u think its to long, just compress it around the inside of the hole till it all fits, as this kind of molding will shrink some with age.

   Next you can peel all the paper off the plexi if u want, but I just peeled back about an inch all the way around on both sides just as protection against scratching or abrading the plexi during the rest of the installation.

Getting that Clean Cut Look

   Install the plexi window from the inside of the metal side, slip a corner and the bottom of the plexi into the groove and work the molding to get the plexi to slip into the groove all the way around. Using a small standard screwdriver here can make the installation much easier. Once you get all of the plexi seated inside the molding, check to make sure that itís centered inside the hole.

Almost Done

   Now you are ready to insert the locking strip into the molding. To ensure a snug fit, make sure to install it so it's horizontal with the molding. If you look at an end of the locking strip you will see that it's wider in 1 dimension than the other. You want to put it in so the wide side is facing up to spread the molding apart and lock it in place. I suggest that you do not start the locking strip where the ends of the molding are but rather an inch or so to one side so that the seam in the molding also gets spread as far as it can. Also compress the locking strip as much as you can as it too can shrink some. Cut off any remaining length of the locking strip and carefully remove the paper from the plexi making sure you donít pull the plexi out of the molding. You now have a snappy window in the side of your case. :o)

Looks Good!

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