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-- Taking Measurements

   First off you place the window where you want the hole to be cut. The case I put it in had the finger pull groove, and I opted to cut out the entire groove so there would be no problem with the gasket sealing. Next you use the washer that comes with the kit. I thought this was pretty good thinking on the part of the guys at pcMods since it eliminates the need for a template. Templates can be a pain to trace around since the paper is so thin.

   You just place the washer against the plexi, put the point of the pencil on the inside and press the washer against the edge of the plastic and trace all around the piece of plexi. Walaa, instant template...

Getting that Template Working

   Next you mask off the area around the line you drew so as not to scrape the paint. Then don your trusty eye protection, hard to get a good frag count if you are missing an eyeball :o). Now what you do next depends on what tool you are using to cut out the hole. I used a sabresaw with a fine tooth metal cutting blade, so I had to drill a pilot hole big enough for the jigsaw blade to fit in. If u opted to use a nibbler you would need a pilot hole also. If you decide to use a dremel tool, you don't need a pilot hole, but I would highly recommend you use the fiberglass reinforced cutoff wheels, as they will last much longer than the standard ones. Whichever method you choose, make sure you are wearing eye protection.

Saw that Sucka

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