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-- Results and Conclusions
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   Here is what the Power Down Protector looks like in all its glory. If you use the WOL feature there is a pass-through which would be the 7th cable connected. Here is the P.D.P with all the stock cables connected:

   This graph is taken from from PC Mods:

   The Y scale is temperature and the x scale is time, unfortunately I don't have a legend for the graph but it is pretty close to AMD and Intel processor operating temperatures, and it is indicative of the advantage to using the Power Down Protector.

    As far as my personal results, there is a small variance from PC Mods graph. When I set the P.D.P on my heatsink fan (80mm Sunon, 0.19A) and my top exhaust fan (92mm Sunon, 0.36A) the CPU temperature (as checked with a CompuNurse) goes up only 2 degrees C, when without it, it rises over 4 degrees C. Note: tests were run on an Enlight 7237 case with 300cfm of air cooling, your results could vary.

    On a higher operating temperature computer, such as an AMD system or a stock PC, the P.D.P has a lot to offer. In air cooling, the best you can accomplish is to have your computer run at room temperature. With a "hot" system, when you turn it off it will have a short spike in temperature before it starts falling. Being at such a high temperature already, that small spike could lead to an unsafe operating temperature. The Power Down Protector is a very good solution to manage that temperature fall and keep your expensive components in a safe range.

    In conclusion, the Power Down Protector is a small and relatively inexpensive insurance policy for your computer. It is one of the easiest components to install and it does what it's advertised to do.  We would like to thank Carl from PC Mods for providing us the Power Down Protector sample for this review.


  • Insurance for your computer
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Small size can be installed almost anywhere
  • Can control 2 fans
  • Case LED blinks when P.D.P is runnning


  • Requires WOL and a PSU with standby 720mA +5 Volt
  • Damage to motherboard WOL header could happen if Amperage draw exceeds ratings
  • Little benefit for those systems that run near room ambient temperature
  • Some fans might not be able to run at 5 volts

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