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-- Overclocking Continued
-- Page: 1 2 3

   Our next try is going to see the maximum we can push this chip.  I know the Crucial ram we have can handle high bus speed just fine.  So after a few test runs, we manage to hit 160fsb stable!

   There it is, at 160fsb rock stable!  Had to bump the voltage up to 1.725v.  I actually had it boot into Windows XP at 166fsb, but it crashed once it started loading.

   Now those are some very good marks after doing some simple overclocking.  This review is actually written on this test machine, successfully running for the past 12 hours at this speed.

   If you are looking into getting an easy to use CPU combination, look into this P4 combo.  You will not be disappointed at how high it can go.  The chip also does not produce as much heat, this chip was at 108F at 160fsb using an AVC Sunflower.  I believe the stock Intel cooler would also suffice.

   So after a 960mhz overclock, I think it's ok to say that Intel's P4 Northwoods has come up as a chip to consider for the power user.

   [* UPDATE - 02/15/2002 *] - chip is now doing 162FSB, for those benches follow the link below for the Forums!

  • Affordable
  • OC's like crazy
  • Does not produce too much heat
  • DDR supported now through the chipset


  • None, at a 960mhz overclock...sheesh

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