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-- Overclocking
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   Since the P4 is mulitplier locked, only portion of the CPU we may change is the FSB (front side bus).  If you're used to the Athlon's, this is going to be even easier.  Right off the bat, we're going to go for 150fsb.  You heard right, no testing at 100fsb or 133.  We're going straight for the big cheese.  Here's our test rig:

  • P4 1.6a Ghz (Northwood) SL668 Malay
  • AVC Sunflower Socket 478 Cooler
  • Asus P4B266-C i845 Motherboard
  • Crucial PC2100 128MB PC2100
  • Reference GF3 Ti200 64MB AGP Video Card
  • Windows XP Pro

   That's our P4 at 150FSB (600 Quad Data Rate), 2400mhz with only 1.5 (default) voltage!  One good thing about this is the huge bandwidth between the CPU and chipset that QDR gives to the system.  Memory and CPU are at 1:1 ratio on the Asus.

   Since most people have pretty much used Sisoft Sandra 2002 as a standard for testing, we're going to using that here too.  This most likely will give you a good indication of what to expect.

   The above are all basic benches done on CPU arithmetic, multi-media and finally memory.  Compared to the Athlon 1800+, it beats it by a thousand or two.  Don't get worked up over the numbers, although the 1800+ is behind, it is only a 1.5ghz chip.  Don't let the numbers fool you, judge it by how it performs.

   Memory bandwidth is nearly the same speed as RDRAM.  I had the memory timings set to 2.5-2-2-6 at 2.6v.  I think if this was clocked to 166FSB, the scores would be really close.  Although that may be true, 166FSB is not easy to accomplish.

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