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-- The First Test

   Cloth Mouse Pad:


  • Cheap

  • Don't have to clean mouse rollers a lot

  • Soaks up sweat


  • Lots of Friction

  • You can spill just about anything on it and still use it

   First Impression:

   This is your everyday cloth mouse pad (slightly used). This baby has as much if not more friction than your desk. So what is it good for? Soaking up all that sweat from your hours of fragging that's what! But don't take my word for it the numbers don't lie!

   The Tests:

   I set up a 14.5 incline plane using a 30.5" piece of particleboard and 2 phonebooks. The height at the very end of the board was 7.63". I placed the mouse pad at the end of the board and place my ruler on top of the mouse pad. The whole goal of this setup was to measure how long it took for the mouse to slide down six inches.

   As you can see from the photo the mouse isn't moving, so from this I can assume there is a lot of friction even more than the particleboard has.

   Although the mouse stuck to the mouse pad, I still did the test and here were my results:

1st Trail 2nd Trail 3rd Trail 4th Trail 5th Trail 6th Trail 7th Trail 8th Trail

   As you can see the mouse pad has a lot of friction on the base of the mouse. But lets test how much friction the mouse pad has on the ball. For this test, I used a ruler and a piece of paper. I taped the edge of the piece of paper to the mouse pad, and then placed the ruler on the edge of the paper. I moved the courser to the left side of the screen, and placed my mouse against the edge of the ruler. Then I proceeded to move the mouse to the right until I saw the courser was on the other side of the screen. Then I proceeded to measure the distance my mouse had traveled. I did 10 trails.

   Here are my results:

1st Trail 2nd Trail 3rd Trail 4th Trail 5th Trail
6.1mm 6.1mm 7mm 7.2mm 6.8mm
6th Trail 7th Trail 8th Trail 9th Trail 10th Trail
5.9mm 6.8mm 6.9mm 6.4mm 6.3mm

   Average: 6.55mm

   As you can see it takes on the average 6.55mm of mouse movement to make the mouse travel 1280 pixels cross my screen.  As you can see from the results the cloth mouse pad applies a lot of traction to the mouse ball, as well as the base. Lets see how the Vinyl Matrox mouse pad fairs.

The Vinyl Matrox >

< Mousepad Round-Up

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