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-- Taking a Closer Look
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   Well, I had to play with the hydraulic face for the first 20 minutes checking to make sure it came down smooth (And it was really fun to play with). Didn't seem to see any problems except for space, so I decided to toss in a standard LiveDrive to make sure the volume knobs cleared. They JUST made it, so if you have a Custom FanBus your switches may or may not clear.


   I was happy with the placement of all the external drive bays, and the spacers popped right out. No problems here! But the flash on my digital camera burnt out, so it's hard to see them in this pic. The six 5 " bays are on top with the 3 " below them. The power and reset buttons are next to the 3 ".

   Six screws held the sides on, three to a side. You cannot remove the top panel of the case it's riveted in. I really wasn't to impressed with this, it will just make extra work to mod the case. But the sides removed flawlessly, placing them back on was a bit more work because of the guides design.

   The top back of the case didn't impress me, they could have pre-cut for another fan. On a side note this does leave allot of room for water-cooling mods.

   Now this I really enjoyed, the I/O Panel on the back was connected to a sliding tray (I love Slide out motherboard trays). It appeared that the Motherboard IO was a removable panel, but no legacy panel replacement was included. 3 Screws hold in the sliding tray, once gone the tray easily slid out.

   The tray was setup to accommodate many types and sizes of motherboards, they had pre-installed stand offs. The tray itself was really light weight but durable. They made the slot spacers easy to get out with the pry of a Phillips screwdriver (No more wrenching on them with a Slot).   

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