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   The first tests performed on the card is to test how high it can overclock while not causing any video distortions on screen.  Instead of using the coolbits registry hack, we used Entech's Powerstrip.  It has numerous graphical tweaks along with the ability to overclock just about any video card.  The default memory and core speeds of the card is 166/175 respectively.  Below is the highest attainable speed with the GF2 MX:

   The card handles the nice overclock of 200/200 very nicely!  The heatsink on the card does not heat up as much as one would think.  Adding a fan or replacing the heatsink all together with an aftermarket heatsink and fan combo may yield higher results.  We did not alter anything on the card, so the 200/200 speeds are done with default hardware. Very nice!

   We then used Quake 3 for our next test.  The default settings were used on Demo001.  Testing consist of running the card at default speeds and overclocked speeds at 733Mhz.

Memory/Core Q3 Demo001 FPS
166/175 79.1 @ 640 X 480
77.3 @ 800 X 600
56.6 @ 1024 X 768

   Here are the benchmarks while overclocking the card:

Memory/Core Q3 Demo001 FPS
200/200 81 @ 640 X 480
78 @ 800 X 600
66.5  @ 1024 X 768

   Nice numbers across the board, at lower resolution the FPS are not too far apart while at the higher resolution the FPS significantly drops.  At the overclocked speed, highed resolution FPS is seen with a rather large jump.

   We next test the Direct3D abilities using 3DMark 2000.  We used this program since it is widely available and have been used extensively.  It also has a nice background to compare benchmarks with.  The scores are obtained at the default speeds and at the overclocked speeds.  Test were done at 1024 X 768 and 32bpp.


3DMark 2000 Score





   Overclocking the card produces a huge increase of almost 500 points!

Conclusions >

< Installing the GF2 MX

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