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-- Almost Completed
-- Page: 1 2 3 4

   The above picture has nothing to do with the current step, I just thought I would take a shot of it reflecting my window.

   Now here's my third gripe, the face plates.  They are a major pain to get secured.  There are a few small fasteners that have a rubber ring around them.  The point is to put them between the face plate and the edges on the front panel.  Every time I tried pushing one of them in, the other popped out.  Took me about 10 tries to get them down and secure, at this point I took my gloves off.

   Grab the four acrylic feet and peel off the paper to reveal the adhesive side.  Slap them on where you see fit, this is up to you.  I did position them like above to give the case enough support.

   I screwed in the small PCB that had the power/reset and LEDs onto the front panel.  There are two screws that you tighten from the inside.  I think the holes should be made larger, the buttons got stuck every time I punched it.

   The next step is to put on the side panel with the brass motherboard stand offs.  I do have a suggestion, before putting this piece on, install your floppy, hard drive and cdrom drive in first.  The reason is, when you put this side panel on, it screws down leaving you no way to screw down your drives.  So save yourself some time, do your drive installs now.

   To install your drives, use the included extra long stand offs.  Fasten them onto your floppy and hard drive like the picture above.  The DVD/CDRW drive didn't need it since it was large enough to reach the drive holes.  If you look closely in the background, I put in my motherboard already to test the clearance from the drives.  There's enough room and then some, no worries there.

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