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-- Putting it together
-- Page: 1 2 3 4

   The first step is to locate the cubes with pre-drilled threads.  There should be a total of 8 of them in a plastic bag.

   These will go on the corners of the top and bottom pieces of the case.  Each side of the cube will be facing another piece of the case, so line them up correctly or you'll have to do it over again later.

   The top and bottom pieces are 5mm in thickness, so you're going to need the appropriate screws.  Locate the bag that says 5mm on it and take a few out.

   Take the screw and gently tighten it so the cube stays in place.  Keep in mind the orientation of the cube, it'll help later on when putting the sides panels on.

   After putting in all 8 cubes, locate the two pieces like the picture above.  These will serve as the drive rails you normally see in cases.  At the top and bottom of these pieces are two pre-drilled holes.  Line them up vertically against the top and bottom pieces we just worked on.

   Take the 5mm screw and fasten the top and bottom pieces to the drive rails.  It should look something like the above.

   Here's my second issue I have with the case, the speakers.  According to what the instruction sheet shows, you are to fasten this to the bottom of the case with three screws.  I lined them up, and only two fit, leaving the last hole covered by the speaker without enough space!  I think they may have miss-calculated the spacing.

   We're almost done, pretty fast right?  Aside from the short and useless instructions, putting together the case should take about 30 minutes or so.  Alright, let's keep going:

   Locate the front and rear pieces and take the bubble wrap off them.  Line them up against those cubes that we put in earlier and screw them down with some 8mm screws.  It's in a different bag with a label on it stating the 8mm.

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