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-- Performance and Conclusions
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   To test out the connection, the first easiest test is to find out how far a distance this wireless kit can reach.  I asked my landlord on the exact specifications of the house I was living in.  Wanted to know if there were any types of material that may alter my simple tests.  I really just wanted to know if the house was built using steel, brick or wood. 

   Lucky for us, not too much metal is within the walls of my apartment.  So I started with an easy test and decided to walk around the house to see it the connection would go through walls.  Went to the living room which is separated by exactly three (3) walls and about 25-30ft away.  The connection was alive and kicking.  Surfed to just fine, posted some items on our Forums and all was well.  So it did pass through walls alright, but then again my walls are very thin and hollow.  Not too much metal or heavy wood inside them.  

   The next simple test was transferring a 650mb rip of a music CD I did earlier.  I started the transfer within the same room as the host computer.  I already had a FTP server running on that host machine, which is my server machine at home.  The transfer rate came through at about 700k/s.  It fluctuated a few times dipping as low as 200k/s, but on average it came to about 650-700k/s.  While it was transferring, I started walking towards the living room again.  The signal started dipping again this time hovering around 450k/s or so.  Definitely a hit in performance when there are obstacles in the way.  To do a comparison, my internal network is set up to use 100Mbps.  So the transfer rate on the same exact file between a wired PC is about 7-9mb/s, give or take a few megs.

   With the limitation on wireless in regards to the exact location of where you need to be, this may be more geared to the office user.  Office meeting rooms are the ideal location due to the smaller sized room without any walls.  Add in a wireless base and you have a wireless kit ready to go anywhere you need to go.

   This kit may have been developed with some office users in mind along with home users to get the best of both worlds.  At home, I usually don't do major network transfer on the laptop.  So the slower speed is not much of a problem.  I can still check my mail and surf the web just fine out on the patio.  On the other hand, I do like the benefit of the higher bandwidth allocated to me through my router/switch at 100Mbps when using my desktop rig.

   Overall, this kit is very simple to use.  I personally had a harder time getting it to work because of my internal network, but most home networks shouldn't experience any problems.  I definitely recommend this Compex Wireless Kit, you probably won't find a better kit for this price.  Plus the fact that you can get online pretty anywhere in the vicinity of your home is not a bad deal at all.

   Thanks to Jimmy over Compex for providing us with this kit.  Also would like to thank him for helping me out with the small networking issue I had going here.  Give this kit a try, you may be surprised at what it can do.

  • Easy to set up
  • All equipment is provided
  • Software very simple to configure
  • Wireless access with the much needed security
  • Affordable


  • May prove difficult for more complicated home networks

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