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-- Iwill BD133 Socket 370 Motherboard
-- Price: ~ $112 USD
-- 8.21.2001
-- By: winterstick
-- Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Test Setup: Iwill BD133, Celeron 600, Hercules 3D Prophet2 GTS 64 Meg, 384 Megs PC133 CAS 3, Maxter 40 gig ATA/100 7,200 PRM, Winodws 98 SE, Directx 8.0a, 12.41 Detenators WHQL, Latest motherboard drivers, Latest Bios.  Note: Only the SiSoft Sandra benchmarks and 3dmark2000 will be compared with my old BE6-2 board because those are benchmarks I happen to have saved on my computer before it fried.  


Ahh, now we get into the heart of the matter what just about everyone of you want to know, how high could I push it?  Well my answer is not very.  I was disappointed in this boards abilities to overclock my celeron 600.  Before my BE6-2 fried my celeron 600 could run @ 900 (100fsb) @ 1.8v perfectly stable.  With the BD133 I could only get my celeron 600 up to 747 @ 1.85 volts.  At first I thought it was a heat issue, I just switched the cooling rig from my peltier setup to an Alpha PAL35t for this review because I didn't want to waste time water proofing the board for condensation issues.  But when my celeron could only overclock to 747, I decided it was time to throw the peltier back on, even if I didn't water proof the board just to run some quick test there was little risk of me frying the chip or the board.  And with my peltier rig back on my celeron, I was still only able to get to 747 Mhz @ 1.85 volts, Interesting.  It wouldn't even post at 100 FSB, if you know the problem please send me an email, I want to get my celeron back up to 900. 

And that wasn't my only problem anything higher than the stock speed, the computer wouldn't reboot.  But in windows the chip would be as solid as a rock.  I checked to see if there was a bios update available but my board came with the newest bios installed on it. 

Now, onto the benchmarks. 


 Don't laugh, I know the scores are low, but what is more important is look at the difference between the two motherboards.  The BE6-2 is beating out the BD133 by just a bit. 

Again, The BE6-2 is beating out the BD133 by a little bit. 

This is where this board shines yep that's right those scores are at 66 Mhz.  The Bd133 is killing my old Abit BE6-2 board.  That's a 146% Increase over my old 440BX board I am very impressed. 

Yep same thing again, the BD133 smokes the BE6-2 in FPU bandwidth by a good margine.  I'll take a 162% increase any day. 

Same story again the BE6-2 is beating out the BD133 by a small margin.

Again, the BE6-2 is in the lead

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