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-- Y.S. Tech TMD Fan
-- Price: ~ $11.99 USD
-- 08.12.2002
-- By: brutal
-- Page: 1 2 3

Let's look at how the fan works. Remember that this fan uses electromagnets in the corners instead of a central "motor" in the hub. Here are some close-ups of the top and bottom so you can see how small the hub is (~12mm).

Next let's take a look at the insides of the fan. The metal cover comes off with 4 little tabs. I just used a small screw driver and slid it under the metal cove. Once you get the cover loose, there are 4 thin wires between a circuit board and the 4 electromagnets so be careful taking it apart. Below is the cover; you can see the electromagnets and the thin wires that connect to the circuit board on the fan half, on the right side of the image.

When opened up, the other half of the fan is the fan itself with a magnet wrapped around the rotor (the hub and blade assembly). Also, if you look in front of the rotor and magnet, there is a little post. That post is used to mount the electromagnets and there is 2 per corner, one on each half.

This next picture is the contact for each motor that makes the fan spin. Basically what happens is a circuit pulses the electromagnets and that pushes the fan around.

There are a couple safety feature built into this fan, the first one is "Locked Rotor Protection". If the rotor (blades) get jammed, the fan will stop spinning after 1 second and 2-6 seconds later, the fan will attempt to start spinning again. The second feature which is also common with other brands is the "Polarity Protection". What this does is provide 10 seconds of protection to the circuitry if the ground and voltage lines are crossed.

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