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-- iCute Acrylic Stand
-- Price: ~$26.88 USD
-- 08.30.2003
-- By: GideonX
-- Page: 1 2

The next step is to find a computer to use it on.  You can also use it with your printer, scanner, etc.  But for our purposes, we'll stick with the case.

This is the FreeBSD box which hosts our IRC server.  I have always wanted to put plywood or something under the case to keep it off the carpet, but laziness over took me.  But, it is a perfect candidate for this review.  Lifted the case up, slid the stand under it and gently lower the case onto it.  Pretty simple.

Next, remove a rear expansion slot so you can string the molex connector through to power up the tube.  Pop it through and connect it to any of your freely available molex plugs.

And here's what it looks like:

The inverter allows for always on operation as well as sound activation.  Choose whichever one fits your mood.

This stand is a nifty accessory, especially for someone like me with a computer on the carpet.  There is an option to add two CCFL tubes in there for an even brighter glow.  I left it on sound activation, it makes it look like it's doing something when the music is on.

Thanks to XPCases for sending over this sample, it's a quick and easy install.

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Room for two CCFL tubes
  • Light weight
  • Creates a very unique glow under the case


  • Misleading box, CCFL is NOT included
  • Instructions are very basic, just a few pictures that don't correspond to the actual product
  • Box mentions a top cover for the CCFL area, non found

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