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-- Intel P3 700e @ 1001 Mhz
-- Price: ~ $245.00 USD
-- 07.14.2000
-- By: GideonX
-- Page: 1 2 3

I tried it at default settings just to get things started. Booted fine, Windows loaded perfectly and no problems emerged at all. So I raised it up a notch (quoting Emeril here), I bumped the setting to 133 FSB at default voltage, this yielded 933mhz and booted Windows perfectly also. The next step was a little hearder, to run just past 1Ghz, I needed to run the front side bus at least 143. I did attempt to try and run this chip on an Asus P3B-F, but was limited in overclocking success because of the lack of any speeds between 140 and 150 on the Asus. It was either 980 (140) or 1050 (150). At 140, it booted and ran Windows perfectly but it would not even post at 150 no matter what. I knew my components were able to hit 150, I came to the conclusion that it just won't do it without some extreme cooling. I don't plan on using peltiers or water cooling, I wanted a system cooled totally by air. So being the tweak monkey that I am, i swapped the Asus out for the very tweakable Abit BE6.2. 

So I went straight into the ABit bios and bumped the FSB to 143 at default voltage. Would post, but would crash immediately at the Windows splash screen. So I went back in and started playing with the voltage, trying to find the sweet spot. I eventually ended up at 1.85v, a 0.2 difference from default voltage, 1.65. Booted into Windows without a hitch. I was excited, scrambled around and got the standard benchmarking tools to install.


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