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-- Intel P3 700e @ 1001 Mhz
-- Price: ~ $245.00 USD
-- 07.14.2000
-- By: GideonX
-- Page: 1 2 3

I have been hearing a lot of success stories on message boards and cpu databases. People were hitting the G mark using Celermines and sometimes Cumines. With that in mind, I thought it was time to upgrade my semi-aging cpu. I have been running a 550e@825 for some time now, and its performance is still outstanding, but will a 1Ghz monster be a better investment?

550e @ 825 1.65V

I hunted around for a retailer that had a 700e in stock and for cheap. I eventually ended up purchasing a SECC2 (Slot1) OEM chip from (please note: this company does not have the best customer service, took me over 30 minutes to speak to a customer rep). I asked them if they had any idea what stepping these chips they were selling, they had no clue. I assumed they had huge warehouses, so I was on my own. I took the chance, I knew the new stepping chips yielded a lot better results in overclocking than the older stepping. There are many retailers that sell hand picked CB0 chips, this is a good way to go to guarantee a CB0 chip, but they do carry a hefty price tag. Mine came out to $245 which included 2nd Day Shipping.

The chip came horribly packaged, no peanuts, just one layer of bubble wrap in a huge UPS box. Sorry, couldn't help but to bash this company. Anyway, I ripped opened the package to look for the SSpec. Lady luck was on my side, the chip was one from the new stepping! 

Here are markings on the chip: 00260447-0219 Costa Rica SL3XM <- CB0

Now my next fear was coming onto me, is this chip going to work or did UPS play soccer with it?

I decided to slap my beloved Alpha p3125 heatsink and fan combo onto this badboy. I took the backside of the cpu off, this dropped my 550e down 2 degrees, so I am hoping it will do the same here. This is the rig I tested it on:

This box consist of:

  • ABit BE6.2 QY Bios
  • Asus v6600 Pure Geforce SGram
  • 2 X PC133 Apacer Infineon
  • Soundblaster Live! Value Edition
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