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-- Rounded Cables
-- 6.30.2000
-- By: GideonX

Please Note: I do not take responsibility for your stupidty, if you break something that you paid a lot for, tough luck. I told you to be careful.

   I have been around numerous websites that have mentioned rounding cables, the art of turning a flat and wide ide cable to a round and managable one.  Why would someone go and risk cutting up a $3 cable? Because we want the absolute least amount of air restriction in our already cramped case. Now if all the other sites have done guides on rounding cables why do another one? Simple, I got pics for the guy next door who doesn't know jack about what rounding a cable entails. With that in mind, let us take a look at what we need for this simple project: 

  • IDE Cable (UDMA33) - $3
    IDE Cable
  • Xacto Knife - $3.97
    Sharp Cuts
  • Electrical Tape - $3.50 (comes in some nice colors)

   I chose the easiest cable to round, the regular IDE cable, for this simple guide. Other cables like SCSI, floppy can also be rounded, i just chose to use the cheaper for this guide : )
   The knife was chosen because I had it around from my Lucite case mod.  It is probably the best knife to use to get precise cuts through the cable.  I also chose electrical tape because I had that around, but you can substitute tubing, twisty ties, etc. to get those wires together.

-- Next: Cutting

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