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-- Adding Extra Hard Drive Brackets
-- 8.06.2000
-- By: GideonX

Please Note: I do not take responsibility for your stupidty, if you break something that you paid a lot for, tough luck. I told you to be careful.

   Have 10 hard drives in your case and you finally ran out of room? You just need to add a couple of extra gigs just for backup purposes but you realized after buying that mid-tower that the case only has two 3 1/2 drive bays? If that's your problem here's a simple way to mount a drive inside a case, using two slot spacers as brackets.

A typical hard drive

   This idea came about when someone on our Forums mentioned to me how it would be nice to get more space to add hard drives to.  After a small brain storm, here is what we came up with, thanks Winterstick!

   On with the modding...this works well with most hard drives that have the 3 screw holes on each side.  Here is the only thing you need to get this mod going, two spacers from your case.  These will be used to hang your drive underneath your existing drive casing:

   -- Next: Drilling

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