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-- Making the Illusion of Water in your Case
-- 1.18.2001
-- By: Fatboy

   With so many case mods out there, window kits, neon lights and the works there hasn't been any mod that has stuck out.  One of our visitors has submitted his guide to making his case have the illusion of being submerged in water!  Complete with materials and steps, easy enough for a novice, challenging enough for the intermediate case modder!

   Here are the materials needed for this mod:  

  • Two equally sized pieces of glass, lexan, or plexi-glass. Keep in mind that this material should be at least 1 inch larger in width and height than the finished hole in your case will be and need not be excessively thick.

  • One tube of plumbers goop

  • Window screen framing, just be sure that it is at least as long as the perimeter of one piece of glass. So for a 12 inch by 24 inch piece of glass, you need 6 feet of framing with no margin of error. I would recommend getting a little extra just in case.

  • Spline, if you look at one of your screen doors, itís that rubber cord that is holding your screen to the frame. Just make sure it is as long as the aluminum frame above.

  • The syringe type thing you give children medicine with. This will be used to fill the tank once it is all together.

  • Window screen frame joints.

  • Something to cut the frame with. Tin snips, a hack saw, or a dremel should do fine.

  • 3 feet of ľ inch fish tank air tubing. You may need more or less for your application. I would recommend getting several feet then cutting it to length after it is installed in the case.

  • A fish tank air pump. It really doesnít need to be too powerful.

  • Drill with a ľ inch bit

  • A small nail for puncturing the air tube.

  • A black marker.

  • A ton of PATIENCE.

  • A touch of INSANITY.


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