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Vinyl Dye FAQ

Q: Can vinyl dye be used on metal?

A: Its not supposed to be, and I really can't recommend using it on metal. I have seen people who used it on metal and have had good luck with it. Try it on a small piece and see if it works for you.

Q: Can I sand vinyl dye?

A: Yes, but you don't have too. People have sanded vinyl dye projects down, but the only thing that I ever got out of sanding was I used more vinyl dye. The manufacturer states, directly on the can, that you should not sand dyed objects.

Q: Where can I buy vinyl dye?

A: Just about any automotive store should carry it. Wal-Mart and some other hardware stores carry limited selections of it. Ottoman recently discovered a local store in Madison, WI that sold custom mixed vinyl dye, but they are the only ones that I have heard selling it. I am sure that there are more that do. If you find any, be sure and let us know.

Q: My vinyl dye has runs in the surface, how do I fix them?

A: Don't. Any raised areas in the dye will seep into the plastic over time, and the runs will vanish.

Q: I have a crack in my dye, how do I fix it?

A: Simply reapply the vinyl dye. Chances are that you didn't shake the can long enough and it wasn't mixed well, or your air temperatures changed suddenly right after you finished painting.

Q: Do I have to use a primer?

A: No, if you do the dye will not be able to adhere and needless to say it won't look very good.

Q: I have painted something in the past; can I sand the paint off and apply vinyl dye?

A: Nope, using paint fills all the little holes in the plastic, and the dye can't stain the plastic.

Q: Is vinyl dye glossy?

A: Well, it depends on your definition of glossy. It's not a dull finish, but it doesn't have an automotive gloss either. It looks just like plastic that came out of the factory in that color. Kind of like your dashboard when its new.   

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