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-- Online Buying/Selling Guidance
-- 10.22.2000
-- By:


see also:
Underclocked'sTrading Guidance

These were submitted at Anandtech Forum by "Roger" the "Troll Hunter", and reposted by "birddog"
Click here to see the entire discussion:

Here is a short guide for trading and what to do first if you think you have been ripped off by a trader.

1) Always ship with insurance and tracking #'s.If shipping expensive items,ship with delivery confirmation.

2) Always ask for a real name and home address when trading with somebody who is unknown or has no heatware evals.

3) Always have other party ship first if trader is unknown or has no heatware evals.

4) Always do a search on a trader if you are unsure of his credibility.Credit Red Dawn for this one

5) If you do not recieve the goods/money right away,email said trader and request action

6) If said trader does not respond in two working days,email again.Be patient

7) If after one week of no response,contact me at

8) Please do not jump to conclusions until a reasonable amount of time has passed.Two weeks of no response is a sure bet that something is wrong.

9) Do not make decisions while you are upset,Only post or email me after you have calmed down.This is most important.Making decisions while enraged will not help your cause,it can only hurt it.

10) Do not post derogatory remarks on said trader,instead,post your situation in a calm and friendly manner.Flaming someone will only raise tempers hurting your chance of getting your goods back.(I have been guilty of this one)

11) Ask if anyone else has had trouble with said trader.It's always good to know as much as possible when trading with someone especially if you think you got ripped by that person.

12) If said trader does not rectify situation and action has to be taken,post a negative heatware eval on said trader.Thanks to mastertech01 for this bit of wisdom

13) If said trader does not rectify situation and action has to be taken,I will post a thread stating "Do not trade with this person".If said trader straightens out the mess he/she has created and everyone who is involved is satisfied,I will retract said statement.

14) Last but not least............ Be Nice and courtious,Nobody likes to be spoken to in a RUDE manner.

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