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-- Perform surgery
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   The next step is to pull the PCB that the LED is attached to apart.  This will give you an easier time removing the bulb and soldering later on.  Start off by removing any ribbon cables that are attached to the main PCB.

   Take your soldering iron and run it underneath the LED leads and yank the bulb out.  A few tugs and it should pop right out. With the two wires, solder it onto the leads from the LED.  Keep in mind the anode and cathode leads and it's orientation.

   If you have trouble remembering which lead goes where on the PCB, see if there are any indications.  Our drive has a + to denote the anode connection.

   Take the other end of the wire that is free and run it through the two holes.  Dab some solder onto the hole to seal it, see below where the screw driver is pointing to.

   Replace the ribbon cable and the back plate.  Screw everything back together as before.  We positioned our LED and wire to the left side of the drive, since that is where we want to position it on our case.

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Installing our LED >

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