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--Finishing the job!

Please Note: I do not take responsibility for your stupidty, if you break something that you paid a lot for, tough luck. I told you to be careful.

   Then using my nail again I made some starting "holes" in the center of the holes for the pads on the CPU.  I did all this before cutting along the outside of the square because it's a lot easier to hold on to a large sheet of aluminum or copper than just that little square.  I proceeded to drill the 4 holes for the pads and then cut the spacer out of the sheet of aluminum.

   Then using a small flat file and a small round file I deburred all the edges and I had to enlarge the pad holes a little bit as I hadn't gotten them quite centered on my template.  And since there are all those contacts on top of the CPU, and I didn't want to take a chance and short any of them, I put a coat of clear acrylic finish on the bottom of the spacer.  You can see the finished product there in the last pic.  The .025 thickness is just perfect.  I would make sure before u plug it all in and power it up, that you put some thermal compound; I used Artic Silver on the CPU and attach your HSF.  Then take off the HSF and check to make sure you have good contact in the thermal compound, because the Duron\T-Birds will fry in just a matter of seconds if you don't have good contact with your HSF.  I sincerely hope this little guide will spare a Duron\T-Bird or two from a painful Death.  :o)

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