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-- Precautions and Conclusions

   You've spent a lot of money on your investment and the last thing that you want to see is fry, we've discussed programs that will run your CPU at 100% load so you don't get condensation. I cannot stress enough the biggest problem with a peltier is condensation. We have taken steps to try and stop condensation, and drop the risk of frying your chip down to almost null. But there is always that possibility of frying your chip with a peltier just be careful!

   So what is it like to live with a peltier? Well Noisy, I swear up and down that my peltier fan has to be one of the loudest fans ever made. Seriously to sleep with my computer on in my dorm room I have to Turn on my box fan on high so it helps filter out the high pitch whine of my Peltier fan.

   Also I can't help but to feel like I'm working with a fragile system that needs to be constantly attended. Of course I probably pay way to much attention to my systems stats, but they are the key to spotting potential problems. Of course I could throw caution to the wind and just not care what temp my CPU runs at or what speed my peltier fan is spinning but I don't want to fry my stuff. I mean I' not paranoid about it like, I just like to know if things are going askew.

   But that's all fine and dandy for areas of the OS that we can force the cpu to run 100% load, but what about areas that we can't like dos, win2k boot up screens, ect. are you risking fry your chip when you reinstall your operating system, or run check disk in windows 2000 (which runs at the start up screen)?

   As far as I can tell, no. Yes the CPU temp drops like a rock to around 0-4 C but mine never goes below that and I haven't seen any condensation or frost form on the back side of the slocket while installing my OS. You should be fine running your chip for a short period of time (I would say no more than 2-3 hours) without running your chip at 100% load. Just as long as there is no halt based cooling involved. Halt base cooling will cause your chip to go in to the negative numbers and that is just asking for disaster.

   So is a peltier right for your system? Well that's all up to you, yes you can cool your cpu to unbelievable temperatures, but you have to realize that your playing with a double edged sword, and if you don't play nice you can wind up getting hurt.

   I hope this information in this guide has been useful in your decision to add a peltier to your system, and preventing you from frying your computer.

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