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-- Push for More!

   Now to reach a gigahertz I would have to run at a 112 FSB, (112 * 9 = 1008), and theoretically I would be producing 42.6 watts of heat. This is because I would be going for broke and having to run my chip at the max voltage of 1.9 volts. My peltier won't be able to cool this chip adequately for below ambient temperatures. But I will give it a shot anyway.

   Note: The 1.90 volts isn't default for the Celeron2 chip the only way I could reach this was by setting the voltage on the slocket to 1.9v.

   Sadly though, 1008 wasn't attainable with my current peltier setup. Both the times I ran Prime95, it generated errors and was therefore unstable. But overclocking fever had caught me; I was no longer going for stability I just want to see how high this baby would post. I went strait to 115, as soon as I saw it post, I rebooted and the bump the bus up one more Mhz, I went through 116,117,118,119, and finally at 120 the system wouldn't post. The limit of my chip was 1080 Mhz (119 * 9 = 1080). So I snapped a pic. of it posting at 1080 Mhz. and the bios settings.

   Now the chip was at no way stable at anything above 1008, but it was fun just to see how high I could go. :) So I lowered my chip down to 900 Mhz and the voltage back down to 1.75v, what can I say, I like standard buses. Maybe in a few months I will raise it higher but for now it's going to stay at 900 Mhz.

   Here are some benchmarks of the Celeron2 600 and Celeron2 600 @ 900.

   First we will start off with the Celeron 600. In order to keep the CPU from freezing, I was running the chip at 1.8 volts.

   Not bad for a Celeron...

   Ok not that great, but still pretty good since I'm on a 66 bus…

   Ok this just hurts, I have pc133 ram and its not being used at all!

   Ouch for my high performance video card this is really bothersome! I wonder how much it will change when I overclock it. Note: this is the default benchmark on a new load of windows with the latest drivers.

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