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-- Checking for Stability

   Installed Prime95 as you would any other program. At the end of the install program run Prime95.

   In the end user info box that will pop up just fill it in with random information, unless of course you plan on using prime95, then fill it with real info.

   The next dialog box that will pop will be the CPU type and sped box. Just select what type of CPU you have and the speed that it is running at. Hit ok, the program then will ask you if you want to give Prime95 anymore ram, just click no.

   The final dialog box that will popup will be the Preferences box. Just Press Ok since none of the settings will effect the self-test.

   Ok now that you have Prime95 configured there is one last thing that you need to do before you get the self-test option. And that is to disable the primenet server. To do this, go to test, primenet, the Configure Primenet dialog box should pop up. All you have to do is uncheck the use Primenet to get work and report results.

   This should enable the self-test option under Options, Self Test. If t his option still isn't enabled try going advanced, Quit GIMPs, if the self test option still isn't available try closing and opening Prime95, and repeating the procedure listed above starting at disabling the primenet server.

   Ok with the self test running you can now take a break a really long break, the self test will take about 16 hours to complete, so make sure you have some free time before you overclock!

   With the Prime95 self test complete and the CPU passed, its time for the fun part of the stability test, playing games! Because I really want to check the stability of the system I'm going to play 3 hours strait of both Unreal Tournament and Counter-Strike. Now if anytime the game locks while playing, the system isn't considered stable.

   Lucky for me, I was able to play both games successfully for 4 hours each… So my system is rock solid stable at 900 Mhz. So can it go faster? Can I hit the elusive Gigahertz?   

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