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-- Benchmarks and Tests Continued

   I installed Motherboard Monitor 4.18. And configured it for my system. Here are the settings I used:

   I like to see what is going on exactly in my system, so I changed the check temperatures voltages and fan readouts from every 5 seconds to ever second.

   Under the general tab options button, I enabled allow negative numbers and I made sure that show temperature in Celsius was selected.

   Next on the visual tab under the names button, I named each sensor according to what the sensors were reading.

   Also under the visual tab under the system tray button, I enabled all of the sensors to be displayed in the system tray and I set them to be swapped out ever 2 sec (the lowest that it would let me).

   I also enabled the CPU heat option in options here's how:

   Go to the General tab, and click on the preferences button. Click on the visible tabs box, scroll down all the way to the bottom and enable the CPU HeatUp tab. Click ok on the box that pops up.

   Next you want to configure the CPU HeatUp option, so click on the CPU heat up tab, check the activate on sensors tab, and click the sensor that represents your cpu. Change the "Start when any selected sensor reaches…" from -3 C to 2 C. and the "Stop when selected sensor reaches…" from 5 C to 9 C or so… don't set it at like 20 C if you cpu never or rarely gets that hot under full load.

   Now that I can see if anything is going to go drastically wrong while testing for stability. It is time to install and configure Prime95.

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