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-- Benchmarks and Tests

   System Stats:

  • 400 watt 15 amp @ 12 volt power supply
  • Abit BE6-2
  • Celeron2 600
  • Guillemot Geforce2 GTS 64 Meg
  • 128 Megs of pc133
  • 40-gig Maxtor hard drive
  • 16x Pioneer DVDrom drive
  • Generic Yamaha sound card

   Then I changed the bus frequency from 66 to 100 Mhz.

   And changed the voltage from the default to 1.75 volts.

   Then I changed the PCI divider from 1/2 to 1/3 (100/3 =33.3), and the AGP divider from 1/1 to 2/3. (100 *2 =200/3= 66.6).

   I also changed the AGP transfer mode to FAST since I knew my card could handle it.

   With those setting I rebooted and re-installed windows 98 se without a hitch.  

   Note: reinstalling of an operating system can also be considered part of a stability test. You don't have to re-install windows every time you overclock, just if it has problems installing then its good indicator that your chip isn't stable.

Benchmarks and Tests Continued >

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