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-- Some more Slocket Action

   A little tip that I found useful was that even though it looked like I sealed the socket in when I held it level to my eye, I could see areas were the rubber sealer didn't touch the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), so I had to go back with a toothpick and push the sealer down.

   Ok now that we are down with the outside, its time to start on the inside, make sure that you seal all the cracks and cover the resisters if you have to. Just make sure you create an airtight seal.

   Allow the rubber sealer a little time to set up a bit, 15-30 min. so that we can close the arm on the socket so we can flip the socket over to start modding the back. To mod the back of the slocket, I'm going to use normal scotch tape to cover the gold connectors, If you want you can cover both sides of the connecters with tape even though only one side really needs to be covered.

   Now it is time to spray the back of your slocket with the conformal coating silicone spray. So go to a well-ventilated place, and take your can of conformal coating and pretty much follow the directions on the can. You may need to apply a couple of coatings to make sure that it is on good and thick. You want to make sure that all of the pins that stick through the backside of the slocket are covered with the conformal coating spray. Now allow the conformal coating spray to dry, allow it to dry for the recommend 72 hours. But about 12 hours latter you can take off the piece of scotch tape since the conformal coating will have setup by then.

Sorry for the dark pictures, but what do you expect when you go modding past midnight :-P

   After the conformal coating spray has dried it is time to stick the piece of closed cell foam in the middle of the slocket, mine came pre-cut so all I had to do was put it in the middle of the slocket, but some of you will have to cut yours…

   Note: I can't stress enough that you use CLOSED cell foam, the reason why is that open cell foam will act like a sponge and absorb any condensation that might happen to form on your chip. Closed cell foam however doesn't act like a sponge is therefore a better choice to use as insulation on a peltier.

   Now just slap in a processor into the slocket and apply a little thermal grease. Remember the thinner you can spread the thermal grease the better, all you want to do is fill the microscopic gaps with the paste that's it! Note: the type of thermal grease you use is important as well; using artic silver over normal thermal grease cooled my chip down by 4-6 C! Slap on your peltier unit, place it in your case; hook up your connectors and your read to overclock.

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