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-- Painting the Box
-- 8.17.2000
-- By: Withaz

Please Note: I do not take responsibility for your stupidty, if you break something that you paid a lot for, tough luck. I told you to be careful.

   You've made all the case mods imaginable and now you want to do one last thing to make your case stand out at those frag fests. Or maybe you're just sick of looking at the logo on your name brand stock computer. Try painting it! This is a mod for everybody... from the novice to the expert. Even those not so computer savvy family members of yours can appreciate it.


   Okay, before you get started, here's what you'll need. You need a clear, well-ventilated area... preferably indoors. I painted in a semi-covered outdoor area, and it was a pain. The breeze caused me to waste as much paint as I used.

   Obviously you'll need paint... not the kind that comes in a bucket either. It needs to be spray paint. If you try this with brush-on paint you'll only get an ugly case. No one wants to see brush marks on their case. I used Krylon brand high-gloss paint (because that's what I use for my art classes so I had some lying around). You can use whatever brand you like, but I advise you to make sure it's high-gloss. You'll probably be able to make it one can, but I bought 2 because I will need it for something else on down the road anyway. In addition to the paint, you'll also need some sandable spray on primer and spray on clear coat. Once again, I bought Krylon because that's what I'm comfortable with using.

   Sandpaper is another important item to get. If you don't sand, you don't get good results. I suggest wet/dry sandpaper with grits of 320, 400, and 600. The 600 grit is not totally necessary unless you are a nut in terms of wanting to do quality work.

   The last item, which just happens to be optional, is masking tape/masking 
material. This is only needed if you intend to paint more than one color per piece of your case. I did this, and I must say that it looks so much better than just painting the case one solid color. It is what can really make your case look sweet! Here's some before and after pics to show you the difference.



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