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-- We Can Handle This
-- Page: 1 2 3 4

   To move this case around, we opted for this case handle.  Yes, there are other case straps and so forth available, but they look ridiculous.  The LAN Box isn't a schoolbag, so lets not carry it like one.  One handle is used because that's what was supplied to us.  Two could have been implemented, but one is enough because I think I would probably need my other hand to carry something else, like my bookbag of useful things for LAN Parties.

   Anyway, here we go on our journey to installing a nice single handle.  The first step is to figure out the best place to put it.  Common sense says the middle to make everything nice and kosher.  That won't cut it.  Simply because if we did do that, the weight of the components inside will drag that box down while you are holding it.  Creating a nice dent after prolong use.  The middle area is too weak to support the handle!

   So to find a better place, what I did was move my hand around and start pushing the metal in and out to find a hard area.  Soon discovered that the area near the front of the case was a lot stronger.  That will be our area of drilling then.

   For our endeavors, lets break out the Dremel!  Ok, you probably would get better and faster results with a standard drill, but it's only two holes.  Might as well break out the trusty Dremel and give it a spin every so often.  Remember that the aluminum cuts easily, so go slow until you have a nice starting point then gun it!

   To start off, if you want a handle that is aligned correctly, you would want to measure it.  Do not do it by eye, you will create something that your peers will point and giggle at.

   After choosing a general spot for the handle, lets tape it up with our masking tape to protect the area while drilling.  Take your ruler and measure out some straight lines so we can line up the handle evenly.

   When the lines are drawn, I thought of a trick that would save some time in lining up the holes correctly for drilling.  Since having the hole a millimeter of could result in having a crooked handle, I took my pencil and started plastering the bottom of the handle where the holes are with some good ole graphite.  If you have a marker, great use it. I didn't.

   By doing this and ramming it into the area where the lines are on the masking tape, I had a good idea as to where the holes are.  While having the handle on the masking tape, I just drew some lines around the edge of the bottom of the handle and we have the perfect template to start drilling the perfect hole.

   Drill slowly and the hole should come out quite evenly.

   Once you have the holes set, take your handle to it just to make sure it is aligned correctly.  Then we should precede with screwing.

   There are some washers that come with the handle kit.  Two large washers and a few smaller ones.  I chose to put the larger washer on the inside of the case to provide more support for that area since we will be lifting the case by the handle at times.


   Take your philips or flat head screwdriver and tighten those screws and we're set!  Pick up the case to test it for a good fit.  Nice!

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