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-- Conclusions
-- Page: 1 2

   Here is the finished product after installation:

   Since the Indiglo now occupied the space where I once proudly displayed my AMD sticker, I tried to peel it off and re-attach it under the power switch. The little bugger is stubborn and curling up, as you can see!

   A closer look at the Indiglo Mod with its buttons, etc.:

   Since I had dis-assembled the original button frame, the silver press tabs are actually depressed within the bezel. A stylus makes for a great tool to press the buttons. I did keep the original Timex faceplate so that I know what each button does. I had actually considered attaching the Timex faceplate onto the bezel, but it is too tall and wide, not to mention curved and thus wouldn't lay flat.

   Notice the light sensor. I can set the dim control on one of the rotary dials behind the faceplate. When the overhead lights are on, the clock is normal LCD, but when the lights are out, the soft glow comes on.

   Here is the Indiglo Mod at night (pictures are somewhat dim since I couldn't use a flash):

   The Indiglo Mod at night from a different angle:

   And yet another angle:

   And that's my Timex Indiglo Mod! All in all, it was fairly simple, yet challenging, and required a lot of patience (doesn't every mod project?). Other than our good friend Mr. Dremel, all the other tools I used were standard tools that most guys who like tinkering will certainly have in their toolbox. And improvising was a must.

   Now I can keep track of time during my gaming sessions and not encounter the all-too-familiar "man, it's 1am already?!? Seems like 30 minutes ago it was only 8pm!"

   Feel free to email me with any questions or comments. Maybe someone else can build upon this Indiglo idea and come up with something even more compelling! Thanks for your time and patience; I'm fairly new at this modding, but I'm enjoying everything as I learn!

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