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-- Lit Hard Drive Window
-- 05.01.2003
-- By: BigRed (guest writer)
-- Page: 1 2

   ***Note: Attempting the following mod will void warranties and quite possibly ruin your hard drive. We are not responsible if anything detrimental occurs to you or your hardware.

   Well kids, here is the mod you have not yet seen posted on GT -- The Hard Drive window mod. I will take you through the steps so that you can mod your own hard drive and make it look real slick for those LAN-Parties.

   Needed Materials:

  • Lexan or Plexi sheet, at least 3.5"x6"
  • Old Hard Drive
  • Wires/Solder
  • LED or 12V Lamp to light the hard drive (if you want it lit that is).
  • Heat shrink
  • Silicone sealant/shoe goo/ household goop/contact cement
  • Saran Wrap

   Tools you will need to do this mod:

  • Dremel or something else to cut the hole in the hard drive casing
  • Philips or Torx screwdriver to get the hard drive open
  • Power supply to test.

   All of the stuff you see listed here I had lying around the house, if you don't have it handy, it shouldn't be too hard to find. I completed this mod for about $3 worth of equipment and only took about 2 hours of time.

   Before we start, let's go over some of the basics though. By doing this mod, you may kill your hard drive. If you don't want to risk killing the hard drive, don't do it! You also must understand that you cannot let any dust/water/dirt come in contact with the drive heads or platters. If something hits the head it will probably kill your hard drive.

   Now let's get on to business. First find a suitable hard drive to mod. I will be using a Quantum Maverick 540MB Hard drive from my first ever computer. Here is what it looks like originally:

   Ok, so let's take out the screws and pop the cover off. I was lucky in that my hard drive used Philips heads. Once you pop it open, you will see something similar to this:

   As you can see, I wrapped it in Saran wrap right after I took the cover off. This is to prevent any dust from settling on the drive.

   I took out the trusty Dremel with some regular cutting discs (I went through about 7 of them) and cut a hole in the shape of the outline on the cover of the drive. I then sanded down the edges with just a regular sanding bit from my Dremel kit.

   I was fairly pleased with the cut. Next, I had a sheet of 15"x15" Lexan that is about 1/8" thick. I found this to be the perfect size to stick on the top. I didn't use the Dremel for this, I actually used a pair of Tin Snips, they cut through the Lexan rather easily, without cracking it. If you are using Plexi, or Acrylic sheeting, I suggest you use the Dremel with cutting bits, as it cracks less than Lexan. When I was done cutting with the Tin Snips, I took out the Dremel, again with the sanding disc and smoothed out the edges:

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