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-- Running the Test
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   The way to test the chip first to see if your unlocking worked is to go into your motherboards BIOS to alter the multiplier.  Or in some cases, adjust jumpers if your motherboard does not support jumperless tweaks.

   Our TBird chip was tested on an IWIll KK266 board, running with the KT133a chipset which has full support for the 133Fsb.

   What we did first was get into the BIOS and start changing some settings:

   On our board, we have what is called the IWIll smart setting section.  It lets us adjust multipliers, bus speeds, voltages, etc.  To start off, we just bumped our multiplier to 8.5 at 100Fsb.  Our 800Mhz chip runs default at 8.0 multiplier X 100 front side bus.  Upon booting, we had success!  Our chip was running at 850 at default voltage, this told us our chip has been successfully unlocked.  Now onto bumping this up to the max.

   After raising the multiplier, the best this chip could do is 8.5.  At 9.0, it resulted in some BIOS booting problems, so we will stop at that.   We then started raising the front side bus to its maximum.  After some testing, the max combination of both multiplier and FSB came out to 1003 Mhz (8.5X117)!  If you do the math, this actually comes out to about 994Mhz, but the board somehow rounds up.

   Please keep in mind raising the multiplier and bus speeds require a combination of things.  You definitely need adequate cooling, a perfect hand to unlock the chip and a motherboard that can support multiplier manipulation.  Make sure no extraneous material is on the chip when using the conductive pen.

   From the above picture, the chip that I have sucks rather bad.  Does not overclock very well at all, but these are the steps to unlocking that chip of yours.  Fast, simple and to the point.

   That's it!  Be carefully and good luck, let us know about your success stories!

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