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-- Wiring?

   So what do those red and black wires do? Don't mix these up! They cause bad rashes on your skin if not connected correctly. My fan is 12VDC, which means the red wire will carry the 12Volts while the black one grounds. Having that said, I correctly bought Red and Black wires specifically because I really hate to have a box of wires and mismatch them because they are different colors. Cut about a foot length of the red and black wire and connect them to the molex connector making sure not to mix wires. The red 12v side will go on the right (looking down on the top of the connector), while the black wire will occupy the slot next to the red:

Molex Molex

   Connect the wires at the other end to the barrier strip. Since I don't need all 12 connectors, I took my trusty knife and cut out 2 pairs. Take the bare wires, and screw them appropriately into the connector:


   When that is done, it's time to prepare the wires necessary for the inside of your very own fan bus. Cut up 2-3 inches worth of the wires. Since there are 4 red and 4 black spring clips, cut the recommended dosage of 4 each:


   Take the soldering iron and connect the corresponding colored wire to each of the 8 prongs. I chose to keep everything neat by putting heat shrink on top of the area I soldered. Since I didn't have a heat gun, I used my housemates hair dryer. The heat is high enough to make the tubing of the heat shrink...shrink. Simple and clean:


   When you are done with all 8 wires, this is what you should have:

Kinda messy...

   Wrap up the wires neatly matching colors together, and screw them into the connector that is on the other end of the molex connector:

Kinda messy...

-- Next: The Final Product

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